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Metal Vixens vs Mason Dixon 4/26/14 Bout Wrap-up

Photo by Michael Hess
    Traveling from Hagerstown, MD, the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens (Mason Dixon) were favored to win this weekend against the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) Metal Vixens.  According to, Mason Dixon was expected to win with a point ratio of 45 to 44.

    The game started with the Metal Vixens taking a fast quick lead (17-4).  Penalties for Mason Dixon came early in the first half, sending their jammer to the box, awarding the Metal Vixens with an early power jam. LVRG Jammer Double Barrel Hot Gunz #215, capitalized on this and helped bring the score to 48-6 favoring the Metal Vixens after 10 minutes of game play.  Two jams later, LVRG teammate and Jammer MJ Slamher #932, also picked up a power jam and helped push LVRG’s score to 89 points over Mason Dixon’s 15 points.  LVRG’s Christie Winkler #18 also dazzled the crowd with her fast footwork and ability to avoid some potentially heavy hits.

Photo by Michael Hess
     Although LVRG had a noticeable lead 15 minutes into the first half, Mason Dixon’s blockers were powerful and definitely a threat on the track. Thee Mighty Isis #1958, Brooke #1111, and Trioxin #245 were slamming into the LVRG players and were breaking down their defensive walls.  

Photo by Michael Hess
With about five minutes left in the first half, LVRG was up in points 129-26. LVRG decided to rotate in a new jamming crew to test some new strategies. LVRG Jammer Helen DaRink, surprised the crowd of spectators as she not only secured lead jammer status, but she jumped the apex, juked around a potentially flattening lateral block coming her way, and then right before calling off the jam, she snuck by the pack balancing on one foot to make the crowd go crazy, all in one jam. At the end of the first half game play, the score favored the Metal Vixens 150-30.

     Starting the second half of game play, LVRG kept with their alternate jamming rotation as we saw LVRG’s blockers take the jamming stage.  LVRG’s Lin Diesel, $heRock$, Stella Mac, Hell Rasin Hussy, Sylvester Shalom, Spock-it To You, and Absolute Bond Rage all jammed in the second half.  Capitalizing on this was Mason Dixon’s Vee O Lencia #011 and jammer Wicked Cruel #711 who appropriately took advantage of a less experienced LVRG jamming crew. With 10 minutes into the second half, Mason Dixon was able to double their score, holding back LVRG within 10 points, bringing the score to 160-67, LVRG.

Photo by Michael Hess
     Mason Dixon continued to climb their score at a faster pace than LVRG until LVRG Jammer Vanilla CreamHer was awarded a power jam and boosted LVRG with an additional 18 points (202-89, LVRG). However immediately following, Mason Dixon was awarded a power jam, but MVP blocker Lin Diesel, along with blockers DTainHer, Maulecule and Helen DaRink held back the opposing jammer to minimize any advantage.  A few more jams finished out the game and gave the win to the Metal Vixens, 217-107.

  Looking ahead, LVRG will be traveling to Florida to play in a special 3 game tournament called the Beach Brawl International Invitational this weekend.  They are scheduled to play Alamo City, the Mississippi Roller Girls and Sioux Falls. 
Photo by Michael Hess predicts the following for each game:

Vs. Alamo City – LVRG has a 23% chance of winning, score prediction is 23:30

Vs. Mississippi Roller Girls – LVRG has a 98% chance of winning, score prediction is 41:14

Vs. Sioux Falls – LVRG has a 45% chance of winning, score prediction is 18:19

LVRG’s Blast Furnace Betties also will be hosting a home game on 5/10/14 against the Black Rose Roller’s Rotten Cherries.

Find us online at:

All functions will be held at the Independence Family Fun Center, 4345 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, PA.

For more information about becoming a skater or official, contact us at

All photos compliments of Michael Hess.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, officials, friends, and family that make our team the best in the Lehigh Valley. This is as much your team as it is ours. Thank you

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