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Blast Furnace Betties vs. New Jersey Roller Derby All-Stars- Bout Wrap Up 4/7/14

Photo by Quick Draw Sports Photography
If you ever wanted to see a derby battle down to the last second, it was this last weekend’s game when the New Jersey Roller Derby All-Stars (NJRD) met up against the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ Blast Furnace Betties (Betties).  Traveling from Morristown, NJ, NJRD, an aspiring WFTDA apprentice team, was given a 14:11 point advantage to win over the Betties by

Led by Captain and power jammer #10, Miss USA-Hole, the New Jersey Roller Derby All-Stars came out at the first whistle fighting and took a quick lead over the Blast Furnace Betties.  Within the first 4 jams, the score favored NJRD 42-9.

NJRD’s jammer was sent to the box 12 minutes into the first half, which allowed the Betties to catch up in points, 28 BFB - 54 NJRD.  Recognizing this was going to be a harder bout than expected, the Blast Furnace Betties switched their line ups and concentrated on power line ups consisting of  back to back jams of power blockers #28 Levilin Levi, #2E Loogie Vuitton, #29 Tortellina  Temptress (Captain) and  #53 Wayward Stay.  With 4 minutes left in the first half, the Betties caught up in points, just behind NJRD 67-74.  With a final power push by the Betties before the end of the first half, the score was nearly tied, 81-79 favoring the Betties.

Photo by Quick Draw Sports Photography
Two minutes into the second half of game play, Betties’ jammer #624 Ginga Railed U completed a strong power jam and got a nice lead for the Betties bringing the score up to 94-79. However, NJRD answered right back after being awarded 2 subsequent power jams. NJRD’s jammer #44 Maulin Rouge helped to almost perfectly match the score, but slightly behind at 98-97.   After a few more jams, about 12 minutes into the second of game play, the score was tied, 107-107.

Soon after, the Blast Furnace Betties had some jammer trouble and NJRD was awarded another 2 power jams in a row, allowing them to take the lead the first time in about 30 minutes of game time, 114-132.  For the next and last 10 minutes of game play, the battle was furious.  The Betties were awarded a power jam, and brought the score up to 132-138, still lagging behind NJRD. Each jam after this went almost point for point.  The Betties concentrated on their power blocker line ups and inched their score up within 4 points of NJRD.  With only 1 minute and 46 seconds left on the clock, and attaining lead jammer status, the Betties needed to make a fast decision.  Do they get through the pack with the point advantage, and call off the jam to risk the other team calling a time out and possibly winning the next jam and the game, or do they attempt to run up the score and burn the clock, hoping to have more points than NJRD by the end?

The Betties pressed their luck and pushed the clock, and once Betties’ jammer #30 Lauranimal got the signal to call the jam after the clock hit zero and she passed one extra opposing blocker, the Betties got the win, 148-147 over NJRD.

Photo by Quick Draw Sports Photography
The Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ other home team, the Metal Vixens, is next up to play at home on April 26th against the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens All-Stars.

The Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) All-Stars will also be traveling to Ohio this weekend (April 12th) to play the Little Steel Derby Girls. predicts that LVRG has a 93% chance of winning with a 29:14 point expectancy ratio.
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