Monday, March 24, 2014

LVRG vs. Cape Fear 3/22/14 Bout Wrap-Up

Photo by Thelma Van
This weekend was packed with action as the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls took on the Cape Fear Roller Girls.  Not one, but two skaters snapped their plates on their skates and one skater (Rose Beef) skated in her 100th bout. It isn’t often that two rare derby events happen in one bout, but in addition to that excitement, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) game versus the Cape Fear Roller Girls  (Cape Fear) was a fight to the finish.

Traveling up north 550 miles from Wilmington, NC, the Cape Fear was looking for a rematch after last September’s 188-99 loss to LVRG. predicted LVRG to win this game with a 53% chance, expecting the point ratio to be 32:31 favoring LVRG.

Immediately from the first whistle, LVRG pushed Cape Fear’s jammer out off the jam line as they shuffled back to force a cut.  LVRG took the quick lead in points, lead by Captain and Blocker, # 31 Helen DaRink.  For the first few minutes of game play, LVRG controlled the pack and was able to contain the Cape Fear jammers.  Approximately 10 jams into the first half, Cape Fear jammer, #22 Dirty Sanchez, gained lead jammer status for Cape Fear and allowed Cape Fear to catch up in points.

Photo by Thelma Van
About half way through the first half, after calling the jam twice in a row and not netting any points, LVRG finally regained the lead again with an additional power jam, bringing the score up to 55-46, favoring LVRG. However, Cape Fear blockers, #43 Hawaiian Puncher, #28 Maxi Rad and #100 Violet Outlaw forced an LVRG jammer out on a track cut and pushed Cape Fear into a much needed power jam.  This brought the first lead change of the game, favoring Cape Fear at halftime, 74-76.

After making a few adjustments at the half, LVRG came back fighting. With the strategic moves of #66 Lin Diesel, #28 Levelin Levi, #2E Loogie Vuitton and #A1 Rose Beef, LVRG forced two jammer penalties in one jam, giving them a double power jam which regained them the lead. LVRG Jammers Double Barrel Hotgunz, Lauranimal and Ginga Railed U continued to capitalize on 2 more power jams and helped LVRG with a 64-4 point run in the first 13 minutes of the second half of game play. Half way through the second half, the score was 136-80.  

Photo by Thelma Van
In the last 10 minutes of the game, LVRG was on fire. LVRG’s blockers were able to hold back Cape Fear’s jammers 2 out of the last 3 jams allowing LVRG’s #932 MJ Slamher to score 17 and 25 points without the other jammer making it past her initial pass.

This was the first time either team played under WFTDA’s new rule set.  One of the most notable new rules includes a reduced 30 second penalty, as compared to the 2013’s season’s rules of 1 minute penalties. During game play, LVRG was awarded 10 power jams and Cape Fear was awarded 4. The final score of the game favored LVRG for the win, 203-118.

Looking ahead, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls All-Stars will be playing again on April 12th, when they are matched up to play the Little Steel Roller Girls from Ohio. predicts that LVRG has an 84% chance of winning that game.

To catch more LVRG action on our home turf, come out to watch one of home leagues, the Blast Furnace Betties play New Jersey Roller Derby on April 5th.

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All photography was produced by Thelma Van.