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LVRG vs. Mother State Bout Wrap Up 4/6/13

This weekend derby fans were truly treated to an exciting game when the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ Hissy Fits took on Mother State Roller Derby (MSRD).  Captained by #13, Nikki Towner, MSRD traveled over 6 hours from Virginia to match up against LVRG, who was positioned as the underdog of the bout by  MSRD came as a well trained and highly disciplined machine.  Their endurance and perseverance set the stage for this historical match up.

All photos provided by Thelma Van
Immediately from the first whistle of the game, both teams were jockeying for the dominating starting position.  LVRG held strong with a four wall defense including blockers Chikki Sixx, Levilin’ Levi, Helen Darink, and Captain Lin Diesel. On the opposing side of the game, MSRD presented a unique boxed starting position led by blockers Carmel Blomgren, Sarah Jean Russell, Jessie Hart and AJ Broderick.  Lead Jammer status flip-flopped between both teams, and so did the score. LVRG got into some early penalty trouble with 17 penalty minutes versus MSRD only serving 13 minutes in the penalty box. This penalty trouble and MSRD’s power jam advantage put LVRG into a 30 point deficit. However, LVRG Jammers Ginga Railed’ U, Catalina Spine Mixer, Arista Crash and newcomer Christie Winkler held their ground and slowly gained back some points through their power jam advantages. LVRG had 5 power jams in the first half and MSRD only had 3 power jams.

At half time, it was anyone’s game with a score of LVRG 96- MSRD 83.  MSRD’s jammer Cynthia Skala, #11, displayed some fast footwork and was a clear threat to LVRG moving forward.  With a reshuffling of LVRG’s line ups, blockers Daisy Destructo, Evol Kitty, Estelle Hurtz and Loogie Vuitton took control of LVRG’s offensive line and were not only able to slow down the team's penalties, but with some strategy, forced the MSRD jammers to get cut track penalties and push LVRG into some much needed additional power jams.

With 5 minutes still left on the game clock, the score was tied 163-163, and then again after one more jam, the score read 168-168. Every point was crucial. Lehigh Valley’s Arista Crash took advantage of a much needed power jam and widened the score gap for LVRG.  With only a small window of opportunity for a few jams left in the bout, MSRD used all of their time outs to strategically attempt to capitalize on a potential MSRD lead jammer status to win the game.  The crowd went crazy as LVRG’s jammer, Ginga Railed’ U went to the penalty box with a small LVRG lead.  However, LVRG answered back quickly and forced the MSRD jammer to get a cut the track penalty, forcing her to follow LVRG’s jammer into the penalty box.   
Tensions were high in the last 60 seconds of game play; however the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls landed on top with a win over Mother State Roller Derby 195-182.

 Bout Statistical Recap:

1st Half
2nd Half
Total Jams
LVRG Power Jams
MSRD Power Jams
LVRG Penalties
MSRD Penalties
LVRG Score
MSRD Score

On the lighter side of derby, yours truly, Head Coach Rose Beef, was the recipient of the “Smash a pie in the face of a roller girl” contest.  LVRG’s fans put donations into the skater’s jar who they MOST wanted to see get a pie to the face.  Yup, I am not sure if they love me or hate me, but it happened.  Thank you to all of our friends, family and friends for donating for this contest.

Looking ahead, Lehigh Valley’s Special Vixen Unit (SVU) is prepared to play the Black Rose Rollers’ Rotten Cherries on April 27th.  This will be the debut of our SVU roster for the 2013 season, including fresh faces and some returning veterans.  As a newer league, without a lot of bouting history, the Rotten Cherries are a wild card as we do not know what to expect.  The doors open at 5:00p.m. and the game starts at 6:00p.m.

You can buy your tickets at the door or online here:

All functions will be held at the Independence Family Fun Center, 4345 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, PA.

For more information about becoming a skater or official, contact us at

LVRG is a proud sponsor of the Macungie Ambulance Corps

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, officials, friends, and family that make our team the best in the Lehigh Valley. This is as much your team as it is ours. Thank you.

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