Monday, April 15, 2013

Hell Razin' Hussy- LVRG's Skater of the Month

When it comes to historic Lehigh Valley Rollergirl (LVRG) skaters, one person comes to mind, and that skater is # 4Q, Hell Razin’ Hussy (Mary Weeks).  Since late 2006, Mary has played an important role in not only the development of the league here in the Lehigh Valley, but also in volunteering in coaching roles throughout the last few seasons. 

Mary works very hard to evolve the league to become a better one. She is LVRG’s inter-league coordinator. As inter-league coordinator, she seeks out other teams to play against the Hissy Fits and The Special Vixens Unit.  She stated that she makes "sure they would be a good match up/challenge and try to take into consideration where we would be as a team at the time that game will take place.  I keep a close eye on our rankings throughout the year as well to see how we progress as well as our upcoming opponents.  On game day, I am the point person for the other team, I make them feel welcome and review house rules with them.”
We asked Hell Razin’ Hussy what her outlook was for the 2013 LVRG season. She replied “we have a great, solid group of girls this year.  This year is different. We all seem to have the same common goals - pushing ourselves, achieving our personal goals and WINNING!  I am excited for this year and I feel we will make it into WFTDA Division 2 for next year!” Mary’s personal goal for the 2013 season is to rank as one of the top 5 skater on the LVRG WFTDA Charter by increasing her laps and endurance.

Fast Fun Facts about Hell Razin’ Hussy:
1.  Her favorite food is steak, but she also loves brussel sprouts
2.  She took ballet in her 20’s and loves to line dance. 
3.  Her hair is sacred to her, she likes to dye it, style it and make it stand out.
4.  She used to be a fire fighter.
5.  Other sports she has played include soccer and softball.

Hell Razin Hussy also owns her own business named Hand It Over! Her company specializes in hand made purses and unique gifts including bird cage veils, flowers and bows for hairs.  She has even made “I<3 LVRG” bows available for purchase at any of our bouts. You can also find her selling her goods at local craft fairs and car shows.  You can also find her store on Facebook at

Come watch the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ next bout on April 27th when they take on Black Rose’s Rotten Cherries.  Doors open at 5:00p.m, whistle at 6:00p.m.

All functions will be held at the Independence Family Fun Center, 4345 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, PA.

For more information about becoming a skater or official, contact us at

LVRG is a proud sponsor of the Macungie Ambulance Corps

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the volunteers, officials, friends, and family that make our team the best in the Lehigh Valley. This is as much your team as it is ours. Thank you.

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