Monday, June 17, 2013

SVU vs. Iron Mountain Roller Girls Bout Wrap Up - 6/15/13

This past Saturday, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ Special Vixens Unit (SVU) traveled to Cumberland, MD to face off against the Iron Mountain Roller Girls.  Iron Mountain was a complete wild card of a team going into this bout, as we had no information as to what LVRG was getting into by accepting their challenge to bout.  

From the first whistle, SVU broke away with an early 13 to 1 lead over the Iron Mountain Roller Girls. This lead was secured by all three of SVU’s main Jammers; MJ SlamHer, Arista Crash and Thelma Van.   In the back of the pack, blockers Stella Mac and Daisy Destructo were noticeable anchors to a strong LVRG wall, which helped to push the Special Vixens Unit score up to 65 to 5 by the 8th jam.  In a quick change up, the Iron Mountain Roller Girls made a minor adjustment to their strategy and caught up a little bit by capitalizing on a few power jams.
Half way through the first half, the score was 83-31 (SVU).  SVU was dominating at the jam line with blockers Tortellina Temptress, She Rocks, DTainHer and Beck-N-Hateher supporting a solid defensive wall. At the end of the first half, the score was 168-64, favoring LVRG.

In the second half of game play, SVU decided to rotate in new jammers lead by Captain Wayward Stay.   Wayward’s aggressiveness on the track proved that she was there to produce points, and did so LVRG's other Jammers, Double Barrel Hot Gunz and Maulecule (getting lead jammer in her first SVU away bout).   The score continued to climb to 250 to 127. With the Iron Mountain Roller Girls’s Jammer in the penalty box, LVRG Jammer Kate “Bananas” Santee, produced a big power jam for LVRG. The crowd went crazy with excitement as Kate skated since this was her very first bout with the league.  The Special Vixens Unit continued to power through the second half of game play and secured the win with a final score of 269-142.
Kate "Bananas" Santee

Looking ahead, LVRG’s Hissy Fits will be playing a closed bout on June 27th against United Kingdom’s Auld Reekie Roller Girls, the Twisted Thistles.  

All functions will be held at the Independence Family Fun Center, 4345 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, PA.

For more information about becoming a skater or official, contact us at

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, officials, friends, and family that make our team the best in the Lehigh Valley. This is as much your team as it is ours. Thank you.

All photos are by Christie Winkler.

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