Friday, June 28, 2013

LVRG vs. Auld Reekie Roller Girls - Bout Wrap Up - 6/27/13

Traveling over 3300 miles, United Kingdom’s Auld Reekie Roller Girls (ARRG) overcame jet lag and some mild culture shock last night to play against the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls (LVRG). 

From the first whistle, Auld Reekie’s team, the Twisted Thistles, were no joke and immediately gained lead jammer status and a 14-0 advantage.  But immediately after, LVRG’s jammer Toxic Shock was escorted through the pack by blockers Hell Razin’ Hussy and Loogie Vuitton to respond by getting lead jammer status for LVRG. 

The game play went back and forth for a few jams, building the score up to 51-37 (ARRG) after 15 minutes passed in the first half. However, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls quickly regained composure and took advantage of the Auld Reekie’s blockers getting penalties.  With the help of LVRG jammers Betty Switch and Ginga Railed U, LVRG caught up and became the points leader with a score of 58-67.

LVRG’s blockers Evol Kitty and Rose Beef (before having her jersey ripped) showed their strategic skills by forcing cut majors on the jammers from Edinburgh, which helped LVRG capitalize on some much needed power jams. With 3 minutes left in the first half of game play, LVRG was up in points 65-90.  LVRG blockers, lead by Captain Lin Diesel, Levelin Levi, Helen DaRink and Daisy Destructo, held ARRG to a tight score by forming solid defensive walls and pushing out their jammers. The score at the end of the first half favored LVRG, 77-94.

At the start of the second half, ARRG came out with intensity lead by jammer Admiral Attackbar #1111 and by some deadly hitting by blocker Minnie Riot #7.  This burst of energy from ARRG resulted in some much needed points, which caught the score up to 97-98 (LVRG) with 24 minutes left in the game.  Soon after, LVRG’s Chikki Sixx showed some impressive blocking holding back ARRG’s jammer and giving LVRG’s MJ SlamHer the opportunity to score points.

LVRG found themselves with some penalty trouble late in the second half, which opened the door for the Auld Reekie Roller girls. ARRG used this advantage and creeped their score up to 112-98 with 20 minutes left in the half.  LVRG Jammer Arista Crash did her best to fight through the pack and get lead, and nudged LVRG’s score up again by a few points.

With a win still within reach, LVRG got penalty heavy sending both blockers and jammers to the penalty box giving ARRG some power jams.  Auld Reekie’s Twisted Thistles showed no mercy and pulled ahead to a 160-106 lead by taking advantage of their power jams.  With 6 minutes left in the half, ARRG was awarded two additional power jams and closed the door on LVRG.  The final score brought a win to ARRG with a final score of 190-123.

LVRG- Betty Switch # 90 (Jammer) , Evol Kitty #150 (Blocker)
ARRG- Admiral Attackbar #1111 (Jammer), Mo B Quick #66 (Blocker)

Looking ahead, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ next game is on July 13th against New River Valley Roller Derby from Christianburg, VA.

All functions will be held at the Independence Family Fun Center, 4345 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, PA.

For more information about becoming a skater or official, contact us at

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, officials, friends, and family that make our team the best in the Lehigh Valley. This is as much your team as it is ours. Thank you.

All photos are by Christie Winkler.

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