Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LVRG's New Recreational Membership- Join Now!

So, you think you can hit just as hard as any other roller girl, can skate better than most and have what it takes to be a lean mean jamming machine, but you can’t make three days a week practice?  Well the great news is that you still can be a roller girl because the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls (LVRG) have now opened up a new Recreational member status.

After passing the WFTDA minimum skills requirement, you can enjoy all of the benefits of being a roller girl, but without the attendance requirement expected of our full members.  LVRG currently practices on Sundays (4:45-6:45p), Mondays (7pm-10pm) and Thursdays (8-10p.m). The new Recreational status allows you to come to as many or as little practices you want a month, as long as you make a minimum of three practices per month.  Ahhh, this gives you the freedom to kick butt on your own time.

Here’s the breakdown:

We are introducing our FAST TRACK option.  When joining our league, you will be asked to take a preliminary assessment based on the WFTDA minimum skills. The minimum skills requirements are found here: http://wftda.com/rules/wftda-minimum-skill-requirements.pdf

If you do not pass, NO WORRIES, you will be asked to join our new recruit boot camp. This camp lasts about 6 weeks and will teach you all of the skills to become a roller girl and help you pass the WFTDA minimum skills assessment.  

If you pass your WFTDA minimum skills requirements, there will be a short 30 day probationary period from your declared start date until you become scrimmage eligible, however you will have the option to become a FULL or RECREATIONAL member immediately and participate in all practices.

Here is the difference between the two levels of membership:
Full Membership
REC Membership
$50/month dues
$50/month dues
Permitted up to 7 excused absences per quarter - Held to points and attendance requirements
Must make at least 3 league practices per month and attend the monthly league meeting
Eligible for Charters/Rosters for bouts

Must obtain WFTDA insurance
Eligible to skate in scrimmages & Intra League bouts
Must obtain WFTDA insurance
Can participate in all aspects of practices
Can participate in all aspects of practices
Assigned to an Event Team
Assigned to an Event Team
Can hold any BOD/Committee Position(s)
Cannot Hold President or Secretary Position
Full Access to the LVRG Forum
Full Access to the LVRG Forum
Eligible once they pass WFTDA assessment
Eligible once they pass the WFTDA assessment and must reassess every quarter

Switching from Recreational to Full membership is easy too. Once you feel that you can meet the attendance requirements of the team, a coach will walk you through the transition to becoming a Full member in order to be roster and charter eligible.

If you are interested in becoming a FULL or RECREATIONAL member of LVRG and wish to take the preliminary assessment (held monthly), please contact us at join@lehighvalleyrollergirls.com for more information. 


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