Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LVRG Fans Are Ready for the Season Opener!

The Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) season opener is just days away, and LVRG's fans are getting excited to see their favorite players hit the track this Saturday, February 16th.  The line ups for both teams are evenly matched with two strong sides of both veteran LVRG blockers and jammers.

The Pink team, captained by Lin Diesel, includes the following roster:  Betty Switch, Helen DaRink, Good Time Charlie, Toxic Avenger, Loogie Vuitton, Catalina Spine Mixer, Lin Diesel, Evol Kitty, Levilin Levi, Tortellina Temptress, Cagey Rage, Estelle Hurtz, She Rocks, and Christie Winkler.

The Black team, captained by Wayward Stay, includes the following roster: Lauranimal, Ginga Railed U, Hell Razin Hussy, Assassin Asian, KickAsh, Arista Crash, Stella McHurtye, Phish Tahko, Wayward Stay, Daisy Destructo, Double Barrel Hotgunz, DTainHer, Maulecule, and Chikki Sixx.

LVRG is excited to start their season and to open their doors again to the best fans in the sport. Our fans are like no others including family, friends, the MACK club and Noise Nation.  When you run into one of the members of Noise Nation at a bout, you won’t forget it. Their motto, “Bring the Noise,” is an understatement because they are often found ringing cow bells and making as much noise as humanly possible to rev up the crowds. The members of Noise Nation aren't the only ones supporting LVRG.

Carolyn Klimas promoting LVRG on the Great Wall of China
Carolyn Klimas, who has been supporting LVRG since the 2007 season, commented about why she loves the sport and the team. She stated, “I’ve been fascinated with the derby ever since I saw my first bout. Sure, the competition and entertainment keep fans on the edge of their seat, but that's just a portion of what I see when I go to a derby bout.  I'm fascinated by the fact that a group of women, who may have never met otherwise, have come together to become teammates uniting for a common cause:  the success of the team.  The best part of the night for me is watching the team at the end of the bout when the smiles are genuine, the spirits are high and the pride is evident.  That's what I love about LVRG.” 

Ron Brubaker showing LVRG pride at Stonehenge
Super fan Ron Brubaker also describes what he loves about the game. "Passion.  Dedication.  Sacrifice.  Admiration.  The first three words describe why I love watching roller derby.  Being relatively new as a spectator, the key thing that I've taken away from the bouts is that the skaters are a special breed.  It's quite obvious that they are passionate about their sport and give it all while on the track.  What I've learned aside from that is the tremendous amount of time and effort they dedicate towards their skating and support of the team.  Admiration is what I have for roller derby and the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls.  We are extremely lucky to have such great role models in our community.  GO LVRG !!!"

MACK Club cheering for LVRG

So, what about the MACK club? Most of them have spouses or significant others on the team, but a few don't. They are part of our biggest support team, as they are there to help setup, breakdown, and be extra bodies if the need arises.  Chris Moughan, husband of Phish Tahko, explains more about the club. “Three years ago there were a group of us that were always together at the bouts. There was a joke made after one of the bouts that we were like a support group for the team, one of us joked that we were the Men's Auxiliary Club. Our wives took it upon themselves to get us T Shirts made with the words MACK Club on the side, with their numbers on them. It was amazing. The MACK (Man Pack) was born. There are now over 20 members (men and women) that are regulars.”  Chris talked more about what he loves about the sport. “The competition is my favorite thing, by far. I know each and every member is 100% committed to winning, and everyone brings every ounce of that competitiveness on the track. The fervor and tenacity of every team member on the track compounds our emotions in MACK. When we see the team, completely drained, giving everything they have with 3 minutes to go, down by 4 points, and we get lead jammer; it’s better than any football, hockey, soccer, or baseball game I have ever seen.”

Tickets to our February 16th bout can be purchased here:

Season tickets can be purchased here:
All functions will be held at the Independence Family Fun Center, 4345 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, PA.

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