Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LVRG May Bout Wrap Up

The month of May certainly was a challenge for the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls (LVRG), travelling over 1800 miles and stepping up to the jam line against three strong opponents; the Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens, the Philadelphia Cheesekates, and South Carolina’s Columbia Quad Squad. Lehigh Valley’s Special Vixens Unit (SVU) started the month out strong against Susquehanna Valley with a big win scoring 172-111. The bout began at a fast pace with early leadership from veteran MeBust U Up who helped to establish the Lehigh Valley dominance on the track.  Jammer Catalina Spine Mixer scored easy points with her fast footwork and with the help from the MVP of the game, Stella McHurtye, who blocked with a vengeance.  This bout was a great game to prepare the SVU team for their hardest game of the season the following week against the Philadelphia Cheeseskates.

LVRG vs Columbia Quad Squad
In the bout against the Cheeseskates, LVRG knew that we would be the underdog coming into the bout. The first half was a tough fight.  Captain D.TainHer lead her team as a Pivot to fight hard in the first 20 minutes of the game, holding Philadelphia to a 26-24 lead. Philadelphia changed up their strategy right before half time, giving the SVU little time to react. Soon after, the SVU started to get into a little bit of trouble, physically and with penalties. Jammer Ginga Railed U, MVP of the game, continued to score points as our blockers rotated in and out of the penalty box. Overall, with more experience and endurance, the Philadelphia Cheeseskates pulled out a win, 168-86.

To round out the end of May, the Lehigh Valley Hissy Fits traveled to South Carolina to battle the toughest team played in LVRG history. The undefeated Columbia Quad Squad team was surely a class act. They played smart, strong and were exactly the right opponent LVRG was looking to play in order to test themselves. From the very first whistle, every blocker on each team was physically committed to bringing home a win. Walls were tight and hard to break down. Columbia’s jammers were agile on their feet and quick to adapt to the changes in LVRG’s strategy.  There were injuries early and injuries often, as both teams were aggressive and eager to earn the lead jammer status. Columbia proved to be the undefeated team that they are and capitalized when they had the opportunity in every jam pass by winning 255-42.

Looking ahead, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls will face each other in their first ever intra-league battle. There will be no friends at that bout. We all know each others’ tricks, trade moves and weaknesses, and we will certainly use that information against each other. The first ever LVRG intra-league bout will be held on June 9th at 6:00p.m. at the Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecksville, PA.  Looking to July, on the 14th, the Lehigh Valley Hissy Fits will be hosting Charm City’s Female Trouble. This bout should be very close matched as both teams have about the same amount of experience on the track.  We expect this game to be a back and forth game filled with excitement. Come see all of our home bouts at Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecksville, PA or find more information online at www.lehighvalleyrollergirls.com.  

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